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About Us:

We have provided some video content on some of our Team Leaders of 4 Gamerz By Gamerz to introduce you all and get to know a little more about each of us. Rather than having a bunch of added content to read it’s so much better to just watch and listen.

We are a Membership / Subscriber based Gaming Community  Website that is designed and dedicated to Gamerz who are 18 years and older.  Gaming is a very large realm of what takes place and what style and platform gamerz play on.  We are not about just one style, we are about all styles of gaming. Tabletop, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Retro/Classical, Mobile, and PC/Desktop Gaming.  4 Gamerz By Gamerz is  focused and dedicated only to gamerz in the United States.

We are about the gamerz side of things as well the gaming businesses side of things. That means we locate and talk to local businesses that deal with gaming in some way shape or form.  Most of us gamerz are in their mid 30’s to late 40’s.  The average gamerz age is 35 for more details and information on those stats here is a link to a  site that has all of that. Stats…

Our primary website that is https://4gamerzbygamerz.us is our general website its a place that is for everyone who wants to find others in their areas along with online with same interests in what type of games and platforms they play on.  The more that join, the more groups that form to start creating groups of gamerz in their city and neighborhoods.  Most of us 20 years ago or more to find someone that was a gamer to go to the local comic book store / hobby game store and had to have human interaction in person, that has now changed so much that gamerz have a hard time connecting with other people.  That is why it has also been important to us and a goal for us to find local businesses that deal with gaming.

Most places that are local are dying away and trying to stay alive and trying to figure out how to compete with the online world of gaming. 4 Gamerz By Gamerz would like to help those details are kept offline for our own privacy and safety so others don’t copy or try and steal those ideas on what we are trying to do.

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