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    Atari Making a Comeback?

    1 August 2017 , by AyAyRon

    It looks like Atari is bring the #oldschool gaming system back with familiar design that works with today’s technology. Go signup for more news and information on when this is coming out and what will be included inside the system. https://www.ataribox.com/ Read more

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    23 June 2017 , by AyAyRon

    Nintendo’s (7974.JP) mobile gaming business has been playing second fiddle to Switch in recent months as the hit console powered shares of the Japanese gaming company to their highest level since 2008. But Jefferies analyst Atul Goyal urges investors to pay close attention to mobile gaming as Nintendo is doubling down on the business and making pru... Read more

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    PC Gaming

    23 June 2017 , by AyAyRon

    The best games of 2017 so far By PC Gamer June, 23 2017  Our highest review scores of the year. The first half of 2017 has been bountiful, with game of the year contenders sprouting across every genre. There’s still much more for us to review—including some games that are already out—as the recent years’ boom in PC game releases... Read more

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    Retro SEGA Forever

    6 June 2017 , by AyAyRon

    Sega wants to turn its classic catalogue into ‘the Netflix of retro gaming’ The future of Sega Forever sounds ambitious Photo: Sega Sega exited the video game console business nearly 20 years ago, but the company still retains some of the industry’s most iconic characters and beloved classic catalogs. That explains why Sega decided to p... Read more

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    3 June 2017 , by AyAyRon

    Tabletop Gaming News and Information. This is a Video on playing D&D and providing live streaming or recorded sessions. Celebrity D&D watch, learn, and listen to how pulling in your love for being in character and doing real Role Play makes it so much fun by watching real actors who love D&D. Video found on Youtube you can go directly..... Read more

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