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Donating for a good Cause here at 4 Gamerz By Gamerz we don’t just game, we also help local gaming businesses that are in need of a little extra help. Many small gaming places in local communities are dying out and closing up. The ones that are around are more or less corporate companies that take away from the little guy. There also are some really bad managed small gaming hobby shops that spread bad rumors in the community about others like themselves that might be in a neighboring town because they want to be the only local gaming community store around. ¬†That is just bad business by any means.

Comic Book stores that also sell tabletop games, small game rental entertainment stores, and hobby stores that are tabletop and miniature type of places are what we focus on to try and help.

The donations go to building them websites, updating websites, better marketing online with social media so they are able to be noticed more, adding them to the local gaming business directory that is focused just on those businesses, setting up live streaming events online, bigger and better tournaments, plus updating internal networks to have better up to date Internet so they can stream and have more people playing online together inside there business.

Our Primary site of 4 Gamerz by Gamerz doesn’t have a monthly membership for Gamerz and Gamers alike we just have a age verification check fee for processing to make sure that the member is 18 years of age or older of 1.00 that helps a little with keeping the site up and running if we are lucky.

Below we provide specific Donation events taking place and just random Donations that we put towards projects that we have mentioned above.

The Game Castle” is one of very little local gaming company’s left around. When we started to look them up and meet the owner we found a problem that we discovered and now finding ways to help out to change that we posted that information on our social media sites for more details. Those of you that would like to help out please donate to “Help The Castle” so that we can get them up and running again.

Your donation means a lot to someone.

Thank You



Help The Castle

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The Little Shops

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