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August 12, 2017 1:00 pm - 11:55 pm

4 Gamerz By Gamerz “Indoor Adventures” Gaming Event

Once again we have another set date for some tabletop gaming from one of ours truly Thomas our Undermountain Dungeon Master taking place Saturday, August 12th, starting around 1pm for a full days event of Dungeons and Dragons adventures.  We will be streaming live of course for others to join in on the action.

Details of event.


The Silver Ravens, were handily defeated at by the Lich, who continues to beckon them to come again to try to take his crown! They retreated safely back to the Knights of Avarice, after battling their way through the undead hordes! But sadly not all of them were able to make it back alive. The reckless magic/psionic use of Korvek, Markov met his end and only his crematory ashes remain. Little hammer, the goblin, also met his end from the cone of cold dealt out from the Lich!

When the group makes it to the platform they realize that their wizard companion Myth is now missing, they assume that he just got lost in the fray, but the Knights let them know that he actually is making his way back up Belkram’s Fall all alone!

How will The Ravens regroup and reenter the cave full of undead? What has happened to their comrade Myth? Finally, how will they fight against an enemy that they didn’t see? There is no turning back for Thay, Iris, Korvek and Kastor.

This game is full. I am sorry but I have too many players and adding more players would ruin the quality of this game.

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